Through collaboration, our team was able to create the All Possible Futures 2020 brand for our IMD capstone event. While originally this event was meant to be an exibition, we pivoted to hosting a virtual event due to COVID-19.

Lead of Branding + Outreach Team
logo design, illustrator, merch design, social media content design

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APF Brand Statement

As designers, we recognize that today is the imagination of yesterday and we seek to answer problems that will shape tomorrow. To create all possible futures– is to listen as interdisciplinary designers and communicate the language of design at the intersection of people and technology. We believe in an inclusive future where design is synonymous with innovation, equity, and ethics. Through this capstone, we want to show you the future that we all strive to design.

About the Theme

With the new decade approaching, the future was something being discussed among our classmates. Innovation was an important part of each of our project pitches; the future is all about innovation. This was when I proposed the theme of All Possible Futures. Anything is possible, we are the designers of tomorrow. Each project in All Possible Futures addresses a question about what the future of a specific design space will look like.

About IMD

"IMD provides students with an expansive understanding of the processes and methods involved in conceiving, creating, and evaluating technology-mediated experiences. With its interdisciplinary approach to interaction design and emphasis on studio practice, IMD enables students to develop creative solutions to complex problems."- University of Washington Bothell.