Booze Bling

Video prototype that explores how technology could be used to prevent sexual assault.

Video Editor + UI Design + Branding

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The Problem

The use of date-rape drugs is common in the U.S, and the statistics are only growing in relation to sexual assault and the use of date-rape drugs, specifically at college parties. Our team came up with Booze Bling, a uni-sex ring that can detect drugs if they are present in drinks before being consumed. The fashionable style and range of colors will encourage users to wear this ring all of the time. Whether at work, at a party, or at a friend’s house, Booze Bling will keep users safe and prevent sexual assault.

Our Solution

Our team wanted our interactive experience to go beyond the screen of a phone. We decided holograms would be the best option for our video prototype, as they can be integrated seamlessly in our everyday lives. The technology of our ring is futuristic, as by simply scanning a liquid, it will know the content of the drink, detecting if there are any drugs present in the drink. We chose a ring for our product because a person can scan a drink while holding the cup, without having to pull out their phone to scan it or having to dip their finger into their drink, unlike some of the technology that is already out there in regards to testing for date-rape drugs.