As a Junior in the IMD program, I assisted in branding the 2019 Senior Capstone: Delve. Branding included a sticker design, promotional apparel, and social media banners.

Visual Design + Marketing Materials

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About Interactive Media Design

"IMD provides students with an expansive understanding of the processes and methods involved in conceiving, creating, and evaluating technology-mediated experiences. With its interdisciplinary approach to interaction design and emphasis on studio practice, IMD enables students to develop creative solutions to complex problems."- University of Washington Bothell.

About the Theme

Each project in "Delve" pushes beyond understood boundaries, looking to illuminate or “delve” deeper into the subject matter they were looking into. With the merchandise, it was important to create pieces that were classic and wouldn't go out of style. We chose navy as our main color, as it was already in the brand guide for the Delve brand established by the lead designer, Maxton Mcguire. Placement of the lettering was strategic, as we wanted the branding to be visable, even if you had longer hair. With a simple icon logo on the corner of the shirt, this simple design was fitting for everyone's style.