Designed a custom SnapChat filter for Fiestas Mexicanas, a community event supported by The Wenatchee Museum and Cultural Center.

Visual Design + Social Media Marketing Strategy

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About Fiestas Mexicanas

This community event celebrates diversity through the celebration of Latin American Independence Day. Fiestas Mexicanas believes in the inclusion of all diverse cultural backgrounds and values. We strive to maintain and share our Mexican values and culture through mutual respect of other cultures/beliefs. We are dedicated to the preservation of strong family bonds, friendships and history. This event not only attracts the Latino Community, it also brings in other ethnic groups. This event provides culture awareness and education about the history, lifestyle and people of Mexico.

Design Decisions

A key element in my SnapChat filter design is the inclusion of a "Serape" type pattern: a "Serape" is a shawl or blanket worn as a cloak in Latin America. My design also includes a Mexico flag and a USA flag, as this event is held in Wenatchee, Washington. It is important to highlight and honor inclusivity of those Latin Americans living in our community.

I used similar color palette as the Fiestas Mexicanas website, to create coheision and make the filter match Fiestas Mexicanas' branding.