Experience cherry blossoms in “inflorescence”: the process of flowering and “fluorescence”: the property of absorbing and emitting light in our digital art experience, Influorecense.

Inspired by Japan’s national flower and the famous cherry blossom trees located at the University of Washington’s Liberal Arts Quadrangle, Influorecense explores the relationship between humans and nature through an interactive art installation that breaks boundaries set in the natural world.

The world’s climate changes every day and we’ve experienced this brief season of bloom come sooner and sooner each year at UW Seattle. Additionally, with the novel outbreak, we at Visionare Studio are further motivated to bring a light hearted experience directly into the hands of users.

Overall Aesthetic

The glowing pink flowers and low-poly art style gives our experience a whimsical feel. We did not intend to replicate or replace the natural world, but give user's a new way to experience it.

Web Design

Our team wanted to take vistiors on our journey of creating Influorecense. With our website, users are able to go through our design process and directly access our interactive experience. The interactive elements and animation bring our site to life. Coded using Bootstrap in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

JANUARY 2020 - JUNE 2020

3D Design + Web Design + Brand Guide

Team Site + Interactive Experience

Logo, Brand Guide, Website Design + Development, 3D Assets

Technology: 3D Modelling

With the help of Blender and Unity 3D, I was able to create our cherry blossom tree, filled with glowing flowers. The tree is made up of about 90 flowers, each with 10 individual stems in the center of the flower. Our team created an interactive, whimsical world inside of a portal. Originally, our portal was going to be in augmented reality, allowing users to be fully immersed in glowing petals and our stunning tree as part of a physical art exhibition.