Retro Metro

Swing through the city, in Retro Metro: a 2D platformer. Grapple your way to each metro station in this Retro Futuristic city in order to reach your destination as a robot on the run.

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  • Course Objective

    Our class participated in a design thinking exercise to come up with potential themes our class could base our 2D games off of. After proposals and a round of voting, the most popular theme was Retro Future. Our teams were able to adopt this theme as loosely as we wanted, so we were able to come up with our game feel within the limitation of a Retro Future theme. My team consisted of developer Alan Xu and videographer Yuyu Dai, and myself as the visual and user interface designer.

    Team Branding

    We chose a team name that was cohesive with our theme of our game. Our team was number 9, so we combined that with the retro theme to come up with Retro9ine. We wanted the theme of our game to reflected in each aspect of our game, so it was important to select a color palette, fonts, and a game character to communicate our vision. Our team was inspired by futuristic travel ideas, which helped us come up with Retro Metro for the title of our game. Futuristic cities and travel inspired the overall game feel and aesthetics

    Game Aesthetics

    After coming up with the concept and theme, I created many different iterations of our game assets and backgrounds, each varying in color palette and layout. We voted on which one we liked best and ended up choosing a pastel retro future palette. By creating multiple, small assets, I was able to combine them to create different level backgrounds quickly and easily. To ensure our game had a fun game feel, we added background music to each level, as well as sound effects when players used the grapple mechanic and when they leveled up. Our character we chose for our game was a robot, as we thought it fit our futuristic theme well.